What a wonderful opportunity Miss Tracey had this summer.  After going to a future niece-in-law's wedding, she went with the rest of the family to "the Dells" -- for those old time twirlers, you'll remember that Don Sartell held a twirling camp there.  The trip home took the group right through Janesville, WI, the location of the National Twirling Museum.  Some of the displays are still under construction but there was still so much to see!

And what a surprise to see a display dedicated to "The Twirling Gangis!"  Below you'll see Miss Tracey posed next to that poster.  She's pointing to a poster of champions, where she is posed with contenders for the 1984 Junior National Championship in Las Vegas.  So how can she not marry Mr. Jeff, he was an enthusiastic participant in the personal tour, given by Don Sartell.  Also on the tour, the rest of Mr. Jeff's family, including several current and former marching band members -- there was plenty for them to see and appreciate too!

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