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SATURDAY!!, February 8, 2017


Belchertown H.S., Belchertown, MA

What's in store for 2017?

~ Top Judges ~

~ Well Organized ~

~ Affordable Events ~
~ Plenty of Warm-up Space ~
~ Awards You Love to Show Off ~
~ Attention to Detail in Scheduling ~



  • Click here for morning schedule/lineup and click here for individual  events.

  • Click here to see 2017 results!


  • Special invitation to all COACHES -- fun things planned in recognition of your dedication to twirling.  Please contact Elaine Kane or call if you do not received your invitation by U.S. Mail.

  • Special invitation to all ATHLETES -- share with all the special qualities of your coach.   Twirlers compliments about their coaches -- post all the great things about your coach on the Gangi Kupras Productions FaceBook Page's Event Page at Be sure to include the hashtags #GangiKupras #CoachOfTheYear #CoachIsAlwaysWatching. We also have a Valentine to My Coach station this year!

  • Selfie Station -- look for our Selfie Station at the contest and be sure to include the hashtags #GangiKupras #CoachOfTheYear.

  • New this year -- Parent March! (basic or military) Strut your stuff and donations to a good cause...the American Heart Association.  Style Counts!! In 2017 we raised $120 -- way to go parents!

  • New this year -- Coach Demo.  Some of our amazing coaches shared their favorite trick.


  • We were the first in the region to provide this unique award and it is still a hit!!  All individual competitors in open events will receive a single Commemorative Plaque.  Plates will be awarded for 1st - 3rd place AND for participation in each event entered!  Participants in "Baby" events will not receive plaques/plates -- medals will be awarded for these events.

  • The plaques will be PERSONALIZED with the athlete's name!!  Twirlers love it!

  • i.e. Win first place in Intermediate Solo, second place in Beginner X-Strut, and no placement in Beginner Basic March - receive 3 plates - "Intermediate Solo-1st Place", "Beginner X-Strut-2nd Place", "Basic March-Participant" - and display them all on your Commemorative Plaque.




  • FOR  B R A G G I N G  RIGHTS!!!!

  • Coach of the Year High Point

  • Who will be this year's COACH OF THE YEAR and take home the gorgeous 5' tall traveling trophy ? ?  Will you be the athletes who will add your coach's name to this list?

2017 -- Kristi Ochs

2016 -- Allison Stuart

2015 -- Allison Stuart

2014 -- Allison Stuart

2013 -- Allison Stuart

2012 -- Allison Stuart

2011 -- Tracey Johnson

2010 -- Tracey Johnson

2009 -- Tracey Johnson

2008 --   Kristi Ochs

2007 --   Kristi Ochs

2006 -- Kristi Kupras

2005 -- Kristi Kupras

2004 -- Kristi Kupras

2003 -- Tina Holmes


  • Commemorative Plaque for Individual events. Trophies for Group events.

  • Coach of the Year High Point & Top Twirler Individual High Point.

  • All Individual events offered, including Show Twirl, Rhythmic Twirl, 3-Baton and College Halftime Solo (performed to band's music/fight song).

  • ** new this year ** Boys Interview!

  • ** If you haven't been in the last couple of years... **

    • Xtreme Twirler, 3-part event -- solo, x-strut, model/interview in costume (basic march instead of x-strut for Novice, Miss Majorette Style Solo for College) -- SPECIAL LIGHT UP TROPHIES FOR THIS EVENT ONLY!

    • Novice Best Appearing, along with Beginner and Advanced

    • Novice and Intermediate 2-Baton, plus, Visitor & Instate solos (in addition to the Open)

  • Baby events also offered for Basic March, Solo and Best Appearing. Medal to each participant (no Commemorative Plaque) .

  • Food concession available with healthy alternatives to keep the athletes going!

  • Souvenir t-shirt -- short-sleeve shirt...see graphic above.


  • Click here for contest brochure and open using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This will have all the general information that you require such as directions, schedule and more. 

  • Online registration is now closed.

  • All group entries processed through the U.S. mail, find the roster/entry here:

                             pdf version                               word version

  • Forms for: Individual/Duet/Trio Coach of the Year Highpoint, and, Team Coach of the Year Highpoint.  Print one and fill in events entered to make things easier at the contest.  Example

  • Hotel Info:  There is a Holiday Inn Express, Ludlow (just off the Mass Pike exit on our brochure directions--used to be Comfort Inn).  Call 413.589.9300.

  • We will again be asking Coaches to upload your team music to a Dropbox folder which will be set up for your team alone.  Our goal is to provide a more enjoyable experience for coaches and fewer technical difficulties.

    • Please notify us via email, FB msg or other and we'll set up the folder. 

    • Please include in the file name the team event/division/age and song title, and

    • Please indicate on the entry form/roster the song title.

    • Acceptable file formats: wav, mp3, m4a, wma. There may be others....we'll have to test it if you cannot convert your file to one of these.

    • Music files need to be uploaded by Saturday, 1/23.

    • Coaches will also be required to bring a CD or mp3 player with their own music as backup.


Keep checking back for more information.

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