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I've been twirling since: 2003


What I like best about baton: I get to spend time with all my friends.

My most memorable twirling moment: getting medals and standing on the podium at the Junior Olympics.

My favorite type of twirling: 2-Baton


My favorite trick: thumb toss



  • 2013 Junior Intermediate Massachusetts Pageant Winner

  • 2011 Junior Intermediate World-Open Duet w/Olivia, 6th

  • 2011 Junior Beginner Massachusetts Pageant Winner

  • 2010 Pre-Teen Intermediate World-Open Duet Winner w/Olivia (19-24)

  • 2010 Pre-Teen Miss Snowflake Queen

  • 2009 Juvenile Intermediate World-Open Duet w/Olivia, Finalist

  • 2009 Junior (10-12) Beginner Bay State Games Solo and X-Strut, Gold Medal

  • 2009 Junior (10-12) Beginner Bay State Games 2-Baton, Silver Medal

  • 2007, 2006 Beginner Juvenile New Hampshire State Queen Winner

  • 2006 Beginner Juvenile Regional Wars Winner

  • 2006 Novice Juvenile New Hampshire State X-Strut Winner

  • 2005 AAU Advanced National & Junior Olympic Duet Champion 0-18

  • 2005 Novice Juvenile Northeast Basic Skills Winner

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