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Twirlingly Yours: Tales of Passing the Baton

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The team is under the direction of Tracey Gangi Johnson.  Over the years, Tracey has promoted an environment of positive coaching.  She knows that every child has a different reason for twirling and customizes a plan to help them fulfill their needs.

Many members perform in hometown festivals and for their high schools and colleges.  Some become involved in competition both on the group and individual level.  If asked, all would acknowledge some benefit to their personal or professional lives due to their experiences in baton twirling with the Strutters.

The Gangi Bay State Strutters Baton Twirling Team has been proudly twirling since 1968. Founded by champion twirler and N.B.T.A. & A.A.U. Hall of Fame member Diane Gangi George, the group was then steered by Elaine Gangi Kane (who is also in the N.B.T.A. Hall of Fame).

Along with public performances, many members have been involved in competition on the group and individual levels.  This opportunity has afforded its own benefits in travel as trips have been made throughout the Northeast and to national competitions throughout the country.  The twirlers learn life lessons in good sportsmanship, self-confidence, teamwork, friendship and self-discipline.  The many benefits in the sport of baton twirling include improved coordination, flexibility, grace and physical fitness.  There is a Presidential Sports Award given for baton twirling.

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