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I’ve been twirling since: 2010

What I like best about baton: winning prizes

My most memorable twirling moment: participating in my first parade, for Memorial Day, in 2010, with my dad alternately pushing me in my stroller, holding my hand, and carrying me on his shoulders.

My favorite trick: stir the soup


  • 2015 Advanced Pee Wee Massachusetts State Queen
  • 2015 Novice Pee Wee Massachusetts State X-Strut Winner
  • 2014 Beginner Pee Wee Northeast Regional Pageant Winner
  • 2014 Novice Pee Wee Massachusetts State Solo Winner
  • 2014 Novice Pee Wee Basic Skills Pageant Winner for Massachusetts
  • 2014 Beginner Miss Valentine Queen
  • 2010 AYOP -- medal from Mr. Don Sartell for being so-darn-cute
  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 -- medals for Baby Basic, Baby Model and Baby Solo
Gangi Bay Stat Strutters Ribbon Border