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Director: 1992 -- Present

Instructor: 1984 -- Present


Tracey is currently the director of the Gangi Bay State Strutters.  Tracey's emphasis is on proper technique, teamwork, integrity, and fun. This philosophy, coupled with each member's will and determination, is the reason why Tracey's athletes are successful, courageous and self-confident.


Tracey has been on the staff of judges for the Miss Majorette of America, the World Championship Twirl-Offs and Grand National Championships. She is a director of the NBTA Northeast Regional Championships and the volunteer Sport Coordinator for baton twirling at the Bay State Summer Games. Tracey, along with her sisters Elaine and Diane, have had an NBTA Dynasty Award named in their honor, for the World-Open Advanced Pre-Teen Large Dance Twirl Team.


Tracey has had the finest training in twirling in addition to over a dozen years of ballet and acrobatics with the Boston Ballet School. She was the featured twirler at Villanova University, Fairfield University and the Woburn City Band. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova and is a licensed Professional Engineer.


Tracey is also the mother of 3 beautiful children: a girl and two boys.


Twirling Honors:

Massachusetts and Northeast Regional Miss Majorette, Solo and Strut Champion


  • the Little Big One,

  • the Big One,

  • the Junior Miss Majorette of America Pageant, modeling, and

  • World-Open Solo and Show Twirl Championships.

Student Honors:

  • Ambassadors of Good Will, Peru Twirlers

  • College Miss Majorette of America

  • Top-6 NBTA National Majorette Solo

  • NBTA National Duet Champions

  • Finalists, NBTA Twirl-offs in Strut and 2-Baton

  • Top-10 Miss Majorette of America, Pre-teen, Junior & Senior Divisions

  • NBTA Beginner National Pageant Winner, Pee-wee

  • State and Regional Miss Majorette and Pageant Winners: MA, NH, CT

  • State and Regional NBTA Dance and Twirl Team Champions

  • AAU Junior Olympic and National Senior Solo Champion

  • New England Association AAU Champions, Individual and Team events

  • Bay State Games Champions, Individual and Team events

  • New Balance / Bay State Games Sportsmanship Winners

  • Serafino Good Sportsmanship Winners

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