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Name:  Candice Muller

I twirled with the Strutters from:  2000-2001

When I twirled I lived in:  Norton

I now live in:  Los Angeles, CA

After high school I:  went to school at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY where I received a BFA in Film, Photography and the Visual Arts with a minor in French and Art History.  My professors nominated my work for several festivals.  Eventually, that work led me to the prestigious IC in LA program.

Currently I:  work in the entertainment industry as a production assistant.  I worked in film, television, and commercials since 2004.  Currently, I aim to become a producer.

My most memorable twirling moment:  When I first started, my school team won the b-class championship in NEMA (New England Majorette Association).  It was my first championship win.  I still have the medal dangling off my car's rearview mirror.  Later, my first time traveling to AYOP in Indiana was extremely memorable.  I was overwhelming but very fun.

What I liked best about twirling:  was traveling to competitions around the country.

What life lesson I learned from twirling:  Because of my time twirling, I learned that a smile and good personality can only take you so far.  But, hard work and perseverance are what really matters.

My twirling teacher with the Strutters was:  Tracey.  As a member of the Spirit of Massachusetts, Elaine and Barbara were also my instructors.

I still take out my batons once in a while (true/false):  True -- On an episode of America's Best Dance Crew, we had a high school inspired show.  I could not resist picking up the drum major staff.  When I showed the crew old twirling pictures, they asked for a show.  So, I'm bringing my baton when our show returns from hiatus.

I twirled at:  Norton High School, Norton, MA

Other:  The Internet Movie Database

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