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I've been twirling since: 2005

What I like best about baton: I get to meet new friends.  Twirling is a lot of fun and it's my favorite sport.

My most memorable twirling moment: catching my first one spin during my Miss Twirlmania solo in 2007 and placing 2nd in Novice Flag at AYOP in 2008.

My favorite type of twirling: Solo


My favorite trick: 3 spin and toss illusion


What GBSS means to me: A special place where I have fun while learning to twirl and experience the most positive coaching ever.  Team events are fun, challenging and give a great opportunity to bond with all members of all ages.  I love my private lessons, and am so fortunate to be a part of GBSS.  I have the best role models in Miss Tracey and Miss Alyssa.



  • 2009 Juvenile Intermediate Northeast Pageant Winner and X-Strut Winner

  • 2008 Pee-Wee Novice World-Open Flag, 2nd place

  • 2008 Pee-Wee Intermediate World-Open 2-Baton, 5th place

  • 2008 Pee-Wee All American Girl Model, top 10

  • 2008 Pee-Wee Intermediate Northeast Regional Solo and X-Strut Winner

  • 2008 Pee-Wee Intermediate Regional Wars Winner

  • 2008, 2007 Pee-Wee Beginner New Hampshire Pageant Winner

  • 2007 Pee-Wee Novice New Hampshire State X-Strut Winner

  • 2006 Pee-Wee Novice New Hampshire Basic Skills Pageant Winner

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